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Bronze Medallists - Masters

Two teams medalled at Masters in Wellington. Huge shoutout to the 40 women and 45 men. The men were in a unique space as they could have won any three of the medals, depending on the last game results of all teams.

Placings of all teams :

40W-3rd, 45W-6th, 50W-5th, 60W-4th, 35M-9th, 40M-6th, 45M-3rd, 50M-6th

Great work by all team delegates for organising and preparing players for the week long tournament. This has to be mentioned as there is a lot of ongoing preparation leading to the tournament. Monday night Masters is an introduction for any masters player who may not go to the tournament but would like to have a runaround. Fridays and Saturdays are used for practices and tri-series games, this all starts directly after winter hockey finishes and continues until they leave for the tournament. Thank you to Enviro 360 (Ben Matthews) for the sponsorship of our Northland navy shirts and you got a medal. Great effort everyone.

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