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Hockey Northland

Hockey Northland Covid 19 impact

Hockey Northland wish to notify all members that we have 60% of our office staff away, isolating or with Covid 19 - They are still working away from the office as best they can.

This means we currently have a very limited capacity to deal with anything but the tasks that are necessary to keep the Junior, Collegiate and Senior competitions running over the next few weeks.

In addition to the staffing impact Covid 19 is having we are also aware of umpires that are isolating and unable to attend to umpiring duties.

There are several priorities that need to be attended to :

  • all competitions running as normal as possible

  • club umpires may be needed to cover the shortfall of allocated games (due to shortage of named umpires)

  • deferred games will be communicated with the teams affected as soon as we can

  • Tuesday and Wednesday mid-week practices may be replaced with deferred games

  • we will look at the teams training nights to accommodate the game/s and work with the teams to identify suitable substitute game dates as players return from having Covid 19 and are recovered enough to play a game of Hockey

  • the remaining staff have been instructed to prioritise what is necessary for the next few weeks to ensure hockey is continued to be played

  • do not be offended if we are not able to attend to your requests

Hockey Northland appreciates your understanding over the next few weeks and wishes everyone currently impacted by Covid 19, be it you or a family member a speedy recovery.