Hockey Northland

Hockey Northland

CET Scoreboard & Updates

CET Scoreboard is "out of action" the technicians from Auckland will work on the problem, we do not have an ETA but be assured that they will be doing their best to get it back to us as soon as they can. If you can have a bit of patience in the meantime.

  1. The whiteboards in the changing rooms have been replaced - make sure to use whiteboard markers and not permanent markers - as it has progressively over the years deteriorated the surface.

  2. The watering of the turfs will be done by the Hockey Northland staff this year.

  3. Open Grade teams - you do need have a Coach or Manager assigned to your team so you can allocate players to your games. This will be a procedure that you will need to do for "live-scoring".

  4. The Canteen will be open on Saturday & Sunday - aiming to get back to normal next week.

  5. Saturday morning BBQs will open on Saturday. Our U18 Men & Women will be running the first month or so - as they will be fundraising for their tournaments in Nelson and Palmerston North. So come along on Saturday morning and support their fundraising.